Cobwebs embrace the sun and

Early morning dew

In peaceful precious moments,

As a scattering of optimism 

Flowers in pockets of sunlight.

Birds gather on chimneys     

And rooftops

At dusk and dawn. 

Scattered energies are pulled

This way and that by the

Harvest moon, and the

Autumn Equinox is just a whisper away.

Cosy hearth-side nights beckon

With dancing flames. 



Plessey woods…

…Memories of dad, and squirrels, and of me being a little girl and of Iona being a little girl… Bittersweet…

Beautiful swathes of bluebells, ramsons and stitchwort, as far as the eye could see… Beautiful, therapeutic, uplifting…

With deep gratitude, as always, for nature; always there, always giving… ❤





Wild garlic scented air drifted by the river where angelic pure white wood anemones carpeted the woodland floor, and birdsong serenaded anyone who had ears. A robin fed its chick, perched precariously on the barbed wire fence, before the sky darkened and unseasonal snow burst from the steely sky, almost as surprised as we were. Despite the wintery weather, a cheery blackbird steadfastly refused to stop singing, until day became night…




After the rain the air is warm and moist. The sun breaks through between the clouds, so brightly it makes my eyes squint. The birds are singing joyfully, flying low over the meadow, pausing every now and then to bury their beaks into the soft damp earth, to find tasty morsels to feed themselves and their hungrily chirping chicks. The park smells lush and fresh and earthy. Blue sky eases its way through the clouds, and insects hover over the still water of the pond. These precious moments make me appreciate the rain that I was moaning about earlier today. A gentle reminder that good times always await beyond life’s storms… 






… You might be aware of many thoughts going round in your head… Don’t focus on any particular thought, though… Think of your thoughts being  just like clouds in the sky… You know they are there, but they will pass… Be aware that each thought will pass by, like clouds in the sky… Just let them be… Let go… Let go…

I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds, and it seems that since moving to an upstairs flat, I am less grounded than I used to be… Could it be that when you live closer to the ground, you become more grounded? I seem to spend a lot of time gazing at the sky, but at the same time, I am more drawn to stones and pebbles than ever before… Maybe it is a deep inner knowing that I need something to help me become more grounded… Maybe I need to start carrying some smoky quartz with me at all times… 

Incidentally, the sky has been amazing these past few days – so much change and energy, so many different shades of blue and grey and white… It is actually quite nice  to be noticing the sky more, so I think I will allow myself to drift a little longer.

Some things that can help us be more grounded are:
Smoky Quartz, walking, baking, drawing, deep breathing, dancing, standing barefoot on the ground, yoga, spending time by trees, doing a tree meditation, hugging a tree, mindfulness, to name a few… 



I have always enjoyed watching birds – not in the serious kind of way, sitting in a bird hide for hours, with a flask and zoom lens cameras and telescopes, and all the right gear kind of way, but more in a getting caught up in the moment, mindful kind of way. 

I used to sit gazing out of the window in a world of daydreams, drifting, pondering, contemplating, as a child, watching the garden birds come and go, and I still enjoy doing this now – it is as much part of my daily life as sleeping, eating and drinking are…

So it has brought me great joy today in realising that the eggs in the starlings’ nest by my window must have hatched. The proud parents have been coming and going all morning with an array of worms dangling from beaks, to feed the new little chicks. Such dedication! Tirelessly going back and forth, back and forth, and doing a great job by the looks of it. I have put some extra bird food out, to offer a helping hand…
I feel a sense of joy and wonder at the beauty of life, particularly at this time of year, springtime; a time of rebirth and renewal ♡
♡ ~ with deep gratitude for the gift of life ~