Cobwebs embrace the sun and

Early morning dew

In peaceful precious moments,

As a scattering of optimism 

Flowers in pockets of sunlight.

Birds gather on chimneys     

And rooftops

At dusk and dawn. 

Scattered energies are pulled

This way and that by the

Harvest moon, and the

Autumn Equinox is just a whisper away.

Cosy hearth-side nights beckon

With dancing flames. 




Oops, it has been a while… 
It is such a beautiful morning… There is a crispness in the air… Stirrings… A feeling of change… Preparation for the start of a new month, a new season… Birds fly swiftly across the cloud-strewn sky, calling out over the rooftops… I feel the call of nature… A longing to be out in the fields and hedgerows, gathering blackberries, apples, elderberries… I am grateful that my heart is open, I notice these things… I feel the invisible threads that reach out and weave a beautiful web, connecting kindred souls with each other, with nature, with the rhythm and flow….
Take some time out today to be outdoors and to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is there for us all to behold ❤