Although this time of year is lovely, a time for counting blessings, gathering together, spending time with loved ones, having good food, having happy, sparkly times, it can also be bittersweet and incredibly hard at times too. The pain of loss, poverty, family problems, loneliness, etc, can be much more intense at this time of year… Sending lots of love to those who need it over the festive times, and thinking of all those I’ve loved and lost, and whose spirits live on… ♡❆♥︎




Iona and I have just spent a few moments in silent contemplation, with candles and a singing bowl, sending out reiki, love and compassion to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. 

At times of natural disaster such as this, we can feel helpless and overwhelmed, but I truly believe that we can make a difference by paying our respects in our own way. In doing this, we are sending out positive energy, which surely can do no harm. 

I am going to make a conscious effort to send out love and compassion whenever possible, to wrap a healing comfort blanket around the world – not just to those in Nepal, but to everyone everywhere in need of love and support. 

It is heartwarming to think that many other people around the world will also be making a difference in their own way too… I am also honoured that my daughter is happy to join in with me and really believes in this too. As parents, if we set a good example for our children, the river of love and compassion will continue to flow through the different generations, its momentum and purpose growing ever stronger… 

♡ with heartfelt love and compassion ~ 





Fragile arms reach out 
Cradling the grieving sky with
Heartfelt compassion 

Sometimes, words are not necessary… 
It can be hard to find quite the right words to convey what our soul yearns to say, especially at times of sorrow and loss. When we know that someone is grieving, we want to express our compassion and empathy, but words seem inadequate; how could any amount of words express the depth and intensity of heartfelt emotions? 
At times like this maybe we need to remind ourselves that the language of the soul is ‘love’, rather than words. 
If we open our hearts and allow love and compassion to flow, the love will  flow outwards and meet the soul of the other, offering comfort and support. A gentle touch, an outreached hand, a tender smile, can convey so much more than a few clumsy words. It is enough to simply be with someone; just ‘being’ ‘with’ them, rather than trying to do or say anything, offers the opportunity for souls to meet and unite in love and compassion. So much can be felt, conveyed, heard and understood in silence, without words. Next time you’re struggling to find the right words, remind yourself that perhaps now is the time to be quiet and allow your spirit to speak instead. In silence we say so much…
Take some time out each day to connect with your spirit, and feel the nurturing love flow through you. Let it flow through you and outwards to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, the local communities, and all around the world, spreading a gentle, healing stream of love and compassion, uniting us all…
Words aren’t always necessary… 

♡ namaste ♡