Although this time of year is lovely, a time for counting blessings, gathering together, spending time with loved ones, having good food, having happy, sparkly times, it can also be bittersweet and incredibly hard at times too. The pain of loss, poverty, family problems, loneliness, etc, can be much more intense at this time of year… Sending lots of love to those who need it over the festive times, and thinking of all those I’ve loved and lost, and whose spirits live on… ♡❆♥︎



imageLate afternoon sunshine in December…

Soon it will be the solstice and the days will start to lengthen… It almost feels like spring already… It was 16 degrees today and the birds have started to sing the dawn chorus… Strange times… I long to hibernate but at the same time I feel drawn to emerge… Apparently daffodils are flowering in some parts of the country… I still hope for snow… Maybe winter is yet to come… What will be, will be… I wait with patience… ❤




Oops, it has been a while… 
It is such a beautiful morning… There is a crispness in the air… Stirrings… A feeling of change… Preparation for the start of a new month, a new season… Birds fly swiftly across the cloud-strewn sky, calling out over the rooftops… I feel the call of nature… A longing to be out in the fields and hedgerows, gathering blackberries, apples, elderberries… I am grateful that my heart is open, I notice these things… I feel the invisible threads that reach out and weave a beautiful web, connecting kindred souls with each other, with nature, with the rhythm and flow….
Take some time out today to be outdoors and to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is there for us all to behold ❤ 




After the rain the air is warm and moist. The sun breaks through between the clouds, so brightly it makes my eyes squint. The birds are singing joyfully, flying low over the meadow, pausing every now and then to bury their beaks into the soft damp earth, to find tasty morsels to feed themselves and their hungrily chirping chicks. The park smells lush and fresh and earthy. Blue sky eases its way through the clouds, and insects hover over the still water of the pond. These precious moments make me appreciate the rain that I was moaning about earlier today. A gentle reminder that good times always await beyond life’s storms… 



Ebb and flow 
Ritual and rhythm… 
Let each day be guided gently;
Bend and

I am becoming increasingly aware of how important rituals are in my life… Simple rituals like the loose structure I like to have each day; my morning cup of coffee, with a candle and quiet time, then yoga. A walk in the park later, then spending time making a nice meal, and hopefully having some quiet time in the evening, with another candle or two being lit, before bedtime. 

Usually I have to fit in an awful lot of things, in between these ‘markers’, but I find that having this basic framework to each day, a loose structure, really seems to help things flow better. 

Which kind of makes sense, when you think about all the rituals in nature; sunrise and sunset, the different  seasons, equinoxes and solstices, along with the different phases of the moon.

This year, more than ever, it has felt important to mark equinoxes and full moons, as well as Imbolc and Beltane, and so on, and to continue with these rituals throughout the year.

I feel drawn to document this in some way; this honouring of the rhythms of nature, and the daily rituals that are guiding me through daily life. Maybe I’ll start by sharing photos or writings from my daily walks…

 So here goes… Some photos from today’s walk in my local park, iris brickfield… 


1. Blue corner



2. Spot the heron…

3. Still waters… 


4. Heart and seagull


5. Sunlight returns






… You might be aware of many thoughts going round in your head… Don’t focus on any particular thought, though… Think of your thoughts being  just like clouds in the sky… You know they are there, but they will pass… Be aware that each thought will pass by, like clouds in the sky… Just let them be… Let go… Let go…

I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds, and it seems that since moving to an upstairs flat, I am less grounded than I used to be… Could it be that when you live closer to the ground, you become more grounded? I seem to spend a lot of time gazing at the sky, but at the same time, I am more drawn to stones and pebbles than ever before… Maybe it is a deep inner knowing that I need something to help me become more grounded… Maybe I need to start carrying some smoky quartz with me at all times… 

Incidentally, the sky has been amazing these past few days – so much change and energy, so many different shades of blue and grey and white… It is actually quite nice  to be noticing the sky more, so I think I will allow myself to drift a little longer.

Some things that can help us be more grounded are:
Smoky Quartz, walking, baking, drawing, deep breathing, dancing, standing barefoot on the ground, yoga, spending time by trees, doing a tree meditation, hugging a tree, mindfulness, to name a few…