Ebb and flow 
Ritual and rhythm… 
Let each day be guided gently;
Bend and

I am becoming increasingly aware of how important rituals are in my life… Simple rituals like the loose structure I like to have each day; my morning cup of coffee, with a candle and quiet time, then yoga. A walk in the park later, then spending time making a nice meal, and hopefully having some quiet time in the evening, with another candle or two being lit, before bedtime. 

Usually I have to fit in an awful lot of things, in between these ‘markers’, but I find that having this basic framework to each day, a loose structure, really seems to help things flow better. 

Which kind of makes sense, when you think about all the rituals in nature; sunrise and sunset, the different  seasons, equinoxes and solstices, along with the different phases of the moon.

This year, more than ever, it has felt important to mark equinoxes and full moons, as well as Imbolc and Beltane, and so on, and to continue with these rituals throughout the year.

I feel drawn to document this in some way; this honouring of the rhythms of nature, and the daily rituals that are guiding me through daily life. Maybe I’ll start by sharing photos or writings from my daily walks…

 So here goes… Some photos from today’s walk in my local park, iris brickfield… 


1. Blue corner



2. Spot the heron…

3. Still waters… 


4. Heart and seagull


5. Sunlight returns


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