I woke too early with my 

Hacking cough and yearning 

For what is not mine

The sky is grey and heavy 

Sitting in silent contemplation

With a steaming mug of coffee

I’m waiting for joy



Cobwebs embrace the sun and

Early morning dew

In peaceful precious moments,

As a scattering of optimism 

Flowers in pockets of sunlight.

Birds gather on chimneys     

And rooftops

At dusk and dawn. 

Scattered energies are pulled

This way and that by the

Harvest moon, and the

Autumn Equinox is just a whisper away.

Cosy hearth-side nights beckon

With dancing flames. 



Wild garlic scented air drifted by the river where angelic pure white wood anemones carpeted the woodland floor, and birdsong serenaded anyone who had ears. A robin fed its chick, perched precariously on the barbed wire fence, before the sky darkened and unseasonal snow burst from the steely sky, almost as surprised as we were. Despite the wintery weather, a cheery blackbird steadfastly refused to stop singing, until day became night…




Well, this has been an incredibly challenging Christmas and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the start of a new year. Normally there is always something to be grateful for, and self care really helps to ease any challenges, but I have to say, I have really struggled. However, there is always light to be found in darkness, and even something as simple as lighting a few candles has been a big comfort, and a reminder that there will be lighter times ahead. Candles and my cat – whose unconditional love is a constant reminder that I am loveable, even on those, thankfully extremely rare, days when darkness engulfs me.  With gratitude ❤     >^..^<